One of the greatest draws of Nyerere National Park is that it offers activities such as walking safaris or river safaris that are not available in other National Parks or Reserves. This allows you to gain a different perspective and get up close and personal with the wilderness and wildlife. Popular activities include:

  • Game drives;
  • Walking safaris;
  • River safaris;
  • Fly camping;
  • Cultural safaris;
  • Fishing.

Game drives

Game drives are the traditional and most common way of viewing game during your safari. Our custom fitted vehicles are equipped to comfortably seat six guests, allowing for unobstructed views and excellent photographic opportunities.

The advantage of a game drive is that you can travel in comfort,with personal bags and refreshments to hand, and cover a wider area. Furthermore, you can request a special game drive with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea or sundowner cocktails out in the bush to extend your game viewing experience.

Walking safaris

Walking safaris offer a unique way to experience the African wilderness. All walking safaris are led by two qualified safari guides who are armed to protect you in the event of any unexpectedly close encounters with wildlife.

Walking safaris usually take place in the early morning to avoid the heat. Your guides will show you animal tracks and droppings, draw your attention to wildlife calls and introduce you to plants, reptiles and insects that would normally be missed on a game drive.  It’s an exciting and fascinating way to learn more about the unique environment.

River safaris

Cruising down the Rufiji River and through the ox-bow lakes in a flat-bottomed metal boat allows you to see the river life up close without disturbing it. You’ll see hippos, crocodiles and monitor lizards as well as a wide variety of water birds and other colourful birds which nest on the river banks.

Fly camping

Fly camping offers the opportunity to sleep in your own private campsite deep in the bush. Fly camps provide basic tents along with bucket showers and your own personal camp manager, chef and guide.  In the evening, after your game drive you’ll be welcomed to the camp with cocktails and appetisers. Once you’ve enjoyed a hot shower and change of clothes you can settle around the camp fire to enjoy a delicious freshly cooked meal and watch the sunset and the night skies. The noises of the African bush will provide a thrilling sound track as you relax around the fire and settle into your tent for the night.

Cultural safaris

Many of our guests mention in their feedback that they enjoyed the cultural experience as much as the game viewing. Our cultural safaris are a low-key way for you to visit a local Tanzanian market place, school and village, meet the residents and see what life is like for local families. These tours are casual and unstructured, allowing us to go with the flow as the locals do.


Selous is a fishing mecca with lakes and rivers that are teeming with tiger fish and catfish. The powerful tigerfish, which can weigh up to 15 kilos (around 30 pounds), make for particularly exciting fishing. They’re famous for putting up a fight, often leaping several feet into the air while being caught. Meanwhile, catfish, which are the most commonly caught fish here, can grow to be 50 kilos (100 pounds).

We can supply all fishing gear if needed but many serious fisherfolk prefer to bring their own gear, in which case we recommend spinning reels (capable of holding 150-200 meters or more than 20lbs of line), wire tracers (to stop tigerfish cutting the line) and thin, strong size three hooks.